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Off Campus Housing


There are many option for living in Atlanta and near Emory. The housing prices are very reasonable, but it depends on the area where you live. Undergraduate students live on campus their first and second years, and can choose to live on campus their third and fourth years on the Clairmont campus. There is no on-campus housing for graduates, but there are a variety of apartment housing options nearby.

Off-Campus Apartments

For more information on exact locations of apartments, rent and transpotation, take a look at our Off Campus Housing Resource Guide Spring 2015 . Beside the apartments listed in the guide, we encourage you to look into other apartments. We do not endorse these apartments, but they are popular student apartments close to Emory. We encourage you to reference the Georgia Landlord Tenant Handbook  for more information about living in apartments in the state of Georgia. Click here for general tips to consider while living off campus.

You can also find other housing options using the Emory off-campus housing finder.

HomeStay Options

Another option that students have is to live with a family in Atlanta through a homestay provider. Two companies that provide these opportunities are Mark's Homestay and the American Homestay Network. Please visit their websites for more information!