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International Community Impact Award

Award Description

The International Community Impact Award acknowledges students who have made a significant positive impact on the Emory community through initiatives, interactions, and contributions to the international community. The award recognizes students at Emory University who have made significant contributions through one or more of the following areas:

  • Exceptional commitment to specific nationalities or the greater international community through student organizations, initiatives, or fostering relationships
  • Demonstration of specific endeavors to engage the international student community with the larger Emory community
  • Spreading awareness of international programs, endeavors, or groups through research, programs, or other initiatives
  • Creating a welcoming and accessible campus environment for international students at Emory University
  • Other contributions not described above that have made a positive impact on the international community at Emory

The nomination materials should include a description of specific examples of how the nominee has led and/or participated in one or more of the areas listed above, the nominee’s general engagement with the Emory community, and their inspiration for working with international groups (if known). You are allowed to upload a supporting or comprehensive letter.

The  nomination for 2017 will be open in February.  The award is open to all students of all levels and years at Emory. Domestic students are also eligible to be nominated for this award.  The award will be given to one undergraduate and one graduate student.

Please e-mail if you have any questions.

2016 Winners

The winners for the 2016 International Community Impact Award are Liliana Lim Lam (undergraduate) and Shreya Kothari (graduate).

Liliana Lim Lam

Liliana is dedicated to promoting intercultural education and cross-cultural relationships.  She has played a prominent role in strengthening the presence and involvement of international students and groups at Emory through her involvement with the Office of International Student Life and other offices on campus.  Her body of work includes, but is not limited to, volunteerism in Project SHINE and other organizations in the Atlanta community, launching the OISL World Tours Program, serving as an Academic Fellow to mentor incoming international students, ESL tutoring through various programs, collaborating with student groups to create a polycultural Emory community, and speaking at the 2016 Southeastern Writing Center Association Conference.


Shreya Kothari

Dr. Shreya Kothari serves as a student representative for the Hubert Department of Global Health in the Rollins School of Public Health and has been an active volunteer for various non-profit organizations in the Atlanta area.  Being an international student herself, she has used her leadership to bring forth the concerns of international students in assimilating to the Emory community.  Shreya hopes to continue expanding her service in the realm of healthcare and is passionate about spread awareness of the Indian culture.


2015 Winners

The Office of International Student Life awarded Xiao Wang and Jing Zhu an undergraduate student with the 2015 International Community Impact Award. Xiao Wang and Jing Zhu were recognized at the annual Leadership, Service, and Diversity awards  as well as at the 2015 International Graduation Ceremony.

Xiao Wang


Xiao Wang has a passion for improving the life of international students at Emory, and organizing events and programs that brings people of diverse backgrounds together. Xiao served as a co-chair in the Office of International Student Life, a project manager and a president assistant in the Chinese Students and Scholars Union at Emory. In the past, she organized Emory Chinese Students and Scholars Mentor-Mentee Program, Atlanta Chinese Spring Festival Gala, Emory Singing Competition, International Coffee Hour among others. She also coordinates activities with other students such as Emory team in Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival, A bite of the World, Speed Dating  just to mention a few. Another amazing thing she has done is to create an online chat group which currently has 433 registered users which includes undergraduates, graduates and scholars. This chat group serves as a platform for students to sell and buy things, interact and make new friends. 

Jing Zhu

Jing Zhu's high academic achievements marks her as one of the role models for all international students. She does not only represent Chinese culture in her character but is also very active in promoting Chinese culture through student-led activities and departmental peer mentor teaching. As the president of Global China Connection club, she initiates projects to raise awareness of Chinese culture and also bring  chinese and non-chinese students together. She is also a leader in US China Dialogue group, initiated and sponsored by the Carter Center. During last year’s Summit, UCD and GCC co-hosted a mock negation on US’s and China’s stand on North Korea issues. Jing was once an editor for Sino-Emory Newsletter and she also helped with publications in the bilingual newsletter. She leads two sessions of students practicing Chinese every semester as well as helps history professor Dr. Andrade on a China research. Jing will also be one of the few international student Resident Assistants next year!